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Auckland House School

Auckland House School has a past worthy of notice. Lord Auckland, the then Governor- General bought the house in 1836, for the use of himself and his sisters. Later Viceroys moved elsewhere and the house was sold. The School authorities bought Auckland House in 1868.

The School continued to grow and gradually strengthened its international image with a large number of boarders from all parts of the world. Auckland House School fulfils a great need in catering for the children of Indian parents working in many countries of Africa , Asia , Europe, and America. Also children of parents working in Armed Forces or in the Central Government who are liable to frequent transfers find a regular unbroken education by joining the 'boarding house'. The pioneering spirit of Auckland House School in providing wholesome education to girls has not diminished down the years.

From being a small School of 32 girls, struggling for survival, Auckland House School, today, is pulsating with life. The struggle today is to restrict the number to less than the four figure mark in the face of the overwhelming demand for admissions.

Co-Curricular Activities

The School lays stress on extra-curricular activities, and sports form an integral part of the School Curriculum.

Annual Sports Days are held separately for various sections of the School with competitions of all kinds. Games include Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket and Table Tennis. Physical Education is one of the subjects taught in the School by a trained P.T.I. Regular hikes, excursions, picnics. camps, and mountaineering expeditions are arranged. In addition to the Inter-House competitions, School teams participate in local competitions and matches.

There are many clubs, each with their elected student office-bearers. In this way the girls are trained in self government and responsibility.

The School offers First Aid and Home Nursing. Other activities include Debates and Declamation contests in English, Hindi and Punjabi. Facilities are available for Piano, Sitar, Vocal Music, Dancing, Karate and Roller Skating lessons.

Current events are taught by means of a news-board, pamphlets, documentary films, quiz contests etc. and tests are held in the subject. The School has its own VCD, LCD., Plasma television, Stereos, Tape Recorders and Projectors etc. These are used for entertainment and instruction. Great interest is taken in the production of plays and concerts and a yearly Carnival is held for which the girls prepare very attractive handwork. In addition, the students enjoy special performances of acting, Indian classical dancing, music, conjuring etc. either in their own school hall or at other local institutions.

The pioneering spirit of Auckland House School in providing wholesome education for girls has continued down the years.

Auckland House School has been among the first girls schools to provide activities like hiking and trekking, educational trips, karate, Computer Studies etc., for its girls. The students are encouraged to take whatever part they can in social service and self-help. They help and contribute to national causes and charities.

Our School Library provides academic resources for all the students and faculty. The library abounds inbooks, magazines, current literature and periodicals. The spacious reading-room can accommodate a large number of students. The fully computerised library is a great boon to the staff and children

Eco-Friendly Activities

The school has taken a step forward in making the students aware of environment related problems through a number of projects such as:

Having a Paper Re-Cycling Plant and a Loom for Re-Cycling Polythene. All the waste paper in the school is collected and recycled. Cards and bookmarks made of re-cycled paper are sold at the Annual School Carnival.

The School has taken a step ahead and started a project for Rain Water Harvesting. This apart from being environment friendly, also helps to tide over the water crisis in summer.

Solar Energy has been put to a fruitful use. The School has Solar Geysers which provide hot water to all the dormitories of Senior School. A Solar Flood Light has been installed at the School Gate.

House System

A special feature of the school is the House System. The entire school, day students and boarders alike, is divided into four Houses:Durrant, French, Lefroy, and Matthew, after the names of various Bishops of Lahore. Each house has its own House Mistress, House Captain, Colour and Motto. Every member of the staff belongs to a House. Sports, games and othercompetitions are conducted on a inter-House level.Each House celebrates its “House-Day”, an, activity marked with exuberance and enthusiasm. There are many clubs, each with its elected student office-bearers. In this way the girls are trained in self government and responsibility