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The Divine International School

Deeply inspired and motivated by the Divine power to contribute towards the growth of the people, The Divine International School (DIS) has been established to nurture and cultivate tender minds in the pursuit of knowledge committed to excellence. DIS is in the lap of nature far away from the noise of the town adorned with the mercy of the supreme source keenly willing to provide the true and attributive education enabling the child to produce all sorts of favorable chances for self-expression. DIS seeks to educate students to be disciplined, determined, dedicated and responsible citizens of the world with the skills to think globally and communicate effectively


A Home Away From Home

  • 01. Separate hostel for girls and boys.
  • 02. Sufficient number of toilets with Indian and Western Seats.
  • 03. Each child is provided a bed, locker, mattress and bed sheet. The quilt has to be arranged by the students.
  • 04. A list will be supplied by the school to parents which have to be arranged for the child and will be handed over to the hostel in charge at the time of admission.
  • 05. Maid servant (Aayaa) will be helping in taking care of children in both washing of clothes and their belongings.


  • 01. A team of experts prepares meal for children.
  • 02. Food is prepared in sanitized condition.
  • 03. A Mess committee changes the menu every month. Student representatives are also part of the Mess Committee and balanced food as per the choice of children is prepared.
  • 04. Balanced, vegetarian and nutritious food is served in pleasant and hygienic conditions.

Health Care

  • 01. Qualified doctors regularly visit the school.
  • 02. The students who need special attention are referred to specialist doctor.
  • 03. Height and weight is measured after every session to see the physical growth of a child.
  • 04. Dental check up is done at least once in 6 months.
  • 05. A qualified nurse is available round the clock in the hostel.

Dedicated Team Of Teachers

A dedicated team of teachers is committed to excel with scientific modern approach and based on ancient principles of teaching, we are dedicated to achieve those aims and objectives for which you are sending your children to The Divine International School (DIS). Trainings and workshops are conducted for the development of this team, which is essential to keep up with the global challenges.

Sports And Games

Games, sports and physical fitness activities are the integral part of the school curriculum. To attain good physical health and mental robustness, emotional and psychological stability and social adjustability, the school has spacious playground for football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, skating kho-kho and handball with the facilities for learning judo-karate and taekwondo. Inter-class, inter-house and inter-school competitions are organized from time to time. We have annual athletic meet and organized adventure trips like trekking and mountaineering.

Tours And Excursion

The school regularly conducts various recreational tours and recursions to the places of cultural, scientific, historical, religious and geographical importance.

Art and Craft Department

Art and Craft Department emphasizes on paper cutting, clay modeling, handicraft, needle work etc.

Music Department

Well equipped and perfectly laid out music room for our budding musicians to wash away from their soul the dust of worldly life. Under the able guidance of music teachers, children sing the songs of life. It is wonderful to make our environment lively when children are on music.

Other Facilities

  • 01. Computer Lab
  • 02. Library
  • 03. Audio Visual Room

News Letter

The school regularly brings out the school news letter to promote the talent of our budding writers and poets as well as to develop creativity through writing in the forms of on the stories, poems, articles, reports and humorous anecdotes, cartoons etc.

Efforts on Making a Leader

The school does not have the aim of making students book worms. Life skill is also important to accept the challenges of life. We are conducting many programs for personality Development and encourage them for leadership by giving them responsibility of organizing activities.

The school gives them following posts for creative leaders:

  • 01. School Captain Girls
  • 02. School Captain Boys
  • 03. Vice-Captain School Girls
  • 04. Vice-Captain School Boys

School is divided in four houses: Emerald, Sapphire, Amber and Opal. Each house has a house captain and vice captain (girls and boys separately). So many extra curricular activities are in the school and students are given the responsibility in different areas. Our prefectural board is a strong initiative for the leadership.

There is a wide range of extra curricular activities and each Saturday there is a special day for different activities and competitions. Debates, public speaking, special classes for communication skills are conducted on regular basis.


  • 01. Music (Vocal and instrumental)
  • 02. Dance
  • 03. Computer
  • 04. Art and Craft
  • 05. Clay Modeling
  • 06. Karate
  • 07. Dramatics
  • 08. Handicraft
  • 09. Paper Cutting
  • 10. Toys making
  • 11. Gardening
  • 12. Cooking
  • 13. Story Reading
  • 14. Writing Poetry
  • 15. Meditation
  • 16. Yoga