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Pinegrove School

"Pinegrove School" is an English medium, fully residential, co-educational boarding school affiliated to the CBSE. The School is situated in two locations - Dharampur (Estd. 1991) and Subathu(Estd. 1998), both in the most picturesque scenery of the Shimla Hills, in District Solan of Himachal Pradesh, India. Pinegrove is reputed for its high standards in value education, good work-ethics and discipline, while maintaining the highest standards of academic and sporting excellence. It is a member of the Round Square, IPSC, IAYP and is accredited with British Council Programmes and ISO 9001:2008 certification (BSI)

Pinegrove is a Regional Member of the Round Square, is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 (BSI) and is a member of the prestigious Indian Public Schools` Conference (IPSC). The school is also a member of the IAYP (International Awards for Young People`s Programme) previously known as the Duke of Edinburgh`s Award Scheme.

Pinegrove is divided into Junior and Senior Wings located amidst the most picturesque scenery of the Shimla Hills. The junior wing of the school is situated amidst a thick and beautiful grove of pines and the senior wing is situated on the banks of a brook in the exotic valley of Kuthar, both in District Solan, in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India.

The School admits pupils without distinction, from all religions, castes, creeds, race or colour and has pupils from all over India and abroad and inculcates in the pupils a spirit of secularism with no emphasis on any one religion and yet with respect for all religions.

Activities :

Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities like Music (Indian, Vocal and Instrumental), Art, Craft, Painting,Macrame ,Stitching, Knitting, Embroidery, Gardening, Mass PT, Gymnastics, Band (Brass and Bugle) and Karate are offered in the school curriculum.

Extra-curricular activities like Dance, Drama, Debates, Declamations, Quiz, Recitations, Parade, Camps and Excursions are also incorporated in the calendar and are conducted under the supervision of teachers.

Games & Sports

A world famous dictum states that, "The Battle of Waterloo was fought and won on the playing fields of Eton". No better image can be portrayed of the importance of sports for character building.

Sports hold an important and prominent place in the school curriculum and immense stress is laid on regular games and sports being played by the students to keep them physically fit and mentally alert.

Various sports are played within the school to give maximum students an opportunity to play organized competitive games and to develop in them the essential qualities of friendship, sportsmanship, esprit-de-corps, brotherhood and comradeship so vital for personality development. Inter-School and Inter-House fixtures are regularly played by the students in various disciplines of sport. Children who may not have an inclination nor have innate talent for sports are made to play in non-player matches, which are conducted regularly.

Playfields and Playing Courts:

The field at Dharampur is fitted with the latest "Sport`s Lighting" and is one of the only of its kind available at school-level. The flood-lights on this field facilitate playing of major games like Cricket, Hockey and Soccer at night as well.

Facilities of a large natural-turf playing field for all major games, with an oval 200 M track and straight 100 M track are available in both the schools. A beam bar, wall bars, climbing ropes, high horse, parallel bars, crash mats, spring boards etc are available for Gymnastics as well.

The school also has facilities for the following:

  • 01 A national sized Swimming Pool
  • 02 Squash Court
  • 03 Gymnasium
  • 04 Indoor Badminton Court
  • 05 A 10Mtr Shooting Range
  • 06 Hard surfaced Basketball Courts
  • 07 Tennis Court
  • 08 Along with other facilities for indoor sports like Table Tennis, Carrom, Pool, Chess etc

Inter-House and Inter-School Games and Sports

Inter-House competitions are scheduled throughout the year and are religiously held in various games and sports. These competitions give the children ample opportunity to display their skills.

Inter-House matches are played within the school to give maximum students an opportunity to play in an organized competitive sport. The school organizes an Inter-House Athletics Meets every year along with various Tournaments in Cricket, Hockey and Basketball