About Global Edu Consulting

Global Edu Consulting Dehradun is acknowledged for offering the best boarding schools across India. Established as an educational consultant, Global Edu Consulting navigates the families towards vast Boarding schools options available. We prepare them for the greater challenge and reach the ultimate goal of taking the admission in top most school.

Education is considered as an ornament in prosperity. A thorough knowledge helps in achieving what you desire in your professional career. Being an evolutionary process, the newer and innovative concepts are constantly introduced almost all the time.

If you think your kids are also great thinkers, philosophers, academicians or educationists we are the right place for you. We are the only organization in Dehradun, consulting many parents everyday who are in search for the best boarding schools and overseas colleges & Universities for their children.

All school websites and brochures generally look same and confuse you. Don’t worry; we are here to eliminate all your misperception and enlighten with the right information. We not only offer you the greater opportunities but also help you in selecting the right institution.

Dehradun is counted amongst the superlative cities which are practicing the best education system and assist many students to make their professional career. This city is remarkable as ‘School Capital of India’ which witness several educational institutes to study in. Mentioned are some of the reasons that are making Dehradun topping the chart.


The vision of Global Edu Consulting is to be in the list of top Boarding Schools and Overseas education Consulting Group in India. Our approach is towards developing the skills of students and making them future ready.

Our utmost vision is to identify the hidden talent and positive traits in students and to prepare them as a global citizen.

Global Edu Consulting works with integrity, honesty and self-reliance to meet the aims of students and their parents.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Identification and survey of All government and private Boarding Schools across India.
  • A Complete Research & Survey about the facilities (both infrastructure and human resources) available in these schools.
  • Active involvement of Parents, Principals & Teachers and an attempt to bring them closer to the process for a joint effort towards overall betterment of students
  • Rapport building with concerned government authorities at village, district and state level for the betterment of schools, students and society.
  • Consulting the parents about the role of education in the overall development of their child.
  • Special focus on the female student and bringing them to mainstream by a series of collective and dedicated efforts.

Our Head Office @ Dehradun 

Dehradun and Global Edu Consulting share a special bonding because Dehradun is known as a capital of boarding schools, so consulting for the same was the need of the hour. So Dehradun as a city play a major role in the foundation & the development of Global Edu Consulting.

Dehradun, The city of Schools – is one of the gateway to Uttarakhand and it's Himalayas making it an ideal place for education. With the presence of many premier schools & Colleges in the city, Dehradun has become the Education hub in India.

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