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As oxygen is necessary to survive, education is equally important because it gives people a ray of hope, courage, loyalty and honesty to be a better human being. Education is necessary in each and every aspect of life. It starts right from the birth of any child, in first few years it is the responsibility of parents after some years the responsibility of imparting education is shifted to schools. School plays a very important role in every human life. It becomes very important for every parent to select a good school for their child. As per the study while 85% students do their schooling in a day school nearby, almost 15% of the Students goes in boarding schools.

We have already done extensive research on the boarding schools of Each & Every Region of India for the past 10 years. The regular data has been noted and updated time to time about the Fees structure, Location of the school, Facilities offered, Sports indoor & outdoor, Infrastructure, Academic Results, Food served (Veg & Non Veg), reviews, feedback from parents & much more.

At we have listed all the boarding schools ofIndia as per the States, Cities & other Popular Locations.

Basically No school is bad or good, it’s just about the “Right School for the Right child” that’s what our motto is, for example some students are very good in sports so they require a school kind of sports oriented, having the best sports facilities as well and same goes for students who are very good in Academics should opt for a school which has a very good academic record.

As a Parents, You don’t need to meet any person or visit any office you’re assigned a well-qualified counsellor who will guide you through everything. All the information would be given digitally as per the requirement. Appointment will be fixed with the schools through us prior to your visit.

Search the Boarding schools on our platform or give your requirement to our counsellor, we’ll get back to you with all the information of Boarding schools that you require.

We have listed all the Popular Boarding schools, Boys Boarding Schools, CBSE Boarding Schools, ICSE Boarding School, Girls Boarding Schools, International Boarding Schools, Featured Boarding Schools, Economic Boarding Schools.

Quick view of the school gives you the first impression of the school based on following parameters.

  • Location of the School
  • Average School Fee
  • Board Of Examination
  • Facilities offered
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Academic Results
  • Admission Time & Process
  • Student Teacher Ratio
  • Best Visiting Time

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