Published on: 2024-05-14 17:23:32

The third gender is the identity of a person despite their physical context. Unlike the stereotypical binary gender system, they can be identified either by themselves or by society as neither male nor female. Transgender is the third identified gender, even though it is a subject of discussion that there is no first or second gender to start. Transgender are unbound to choose their sexual orientation as well. 

When we talk about the rights of the third gender, they have the bare minimum on their hands. It is not hidden from anyone that they face discrimination and social oppression daily.

Their health and education are ethereal subjects.

There is unequivocally no formal education for the third gender on the ground level. It feels reluctant to receive an education where partiality and harassment are a given. In your schooling days how many trans children you have seen or in your society building what percentage of trans people are sharing your wing?

Almost negligible right? This is what we have to deal with. 

Including them in mainstream education is the pivotal aspect. An educated person is more self-aware about rights and will not fall for harassment and bullying.


Transgender is the most disempowered community residing in the parallel world to us. A third-gender child faces misfortune from birth itself. Some parents willingly became callous or inhuman, leaving their children to survive in misery and deprived conditions. Education and basic health facilities are luxuries to them in this period. They grow within their communities with the bare minimum of resources. 

After overcoming all the difficulties when they manage to get into an educational institution, they have to face negative social influence. In schools and colleges, eyes are always following them and are under constant observation. If a trans with the intention of not securing too much attention hide their identity, others judge them by their behaviour. Harassment and sexual abuse force them to drop out of school.

Considering the potential of third-gender incorporation is considered atrocious. People find them uncomfortable, gazing at them with glare and all suspicion. Earlier they were considered auspicious from a religious perspective, things have changed are forced to beg on the streets, and become sex workers to make a living. They are more prone to human trafficking than others so we have to be responsible for them, we are the ones creating obstructions in their path. There are many schools and educational institutions For the third gender children. You can find one for your child by searching best Boarding schools in Dehradun


For a developing nation, it is essential to utilize all the resources. The Trans community is one of the resources we have to utilize for the betterment of them and society as a whole. Involvement of the transgender in every field is needed for a better nation. Their education is our business. The COVID pandemic taught us the hard lesson of how bad our education and health sector is.

When trans child gets an education, they can create a better life for themselves and be role models for future generations. Working as healthcare workers, doctors, and renowned social activists, creating big brands, and working in top IT companies are all possible because they are valued. They stand out from the crowd to inspire all the people. Many hurdles they have to jump to get more access to education and equal opportunities will be at their doorsteps. 

We have met with various third-gender persons, heard their life stories through different platforms and were left stunned that we do not share the same world. Do we? 

Global Edu communities are working tirelessly for their engagement in education and the workforce. India also posits its continuous efforts to support its LGBTQ..s students globally to ensure that they will grow and gain a powerful platform to create reforms in other countries where the third gender is at the back of the queue.


Education of the third gender is the chief motive for many NGOs and social activists whilst maintaining a gender-neutral environment. It is not arbitrary when we say they face challenges and difficulties. Living a life without emotional support and acceptance in society is unimaginable.

Providing them with equal exposure can lead them to global platforms. With quality education and better health facilities, they do not have to juggle between their reality and actual reality.

There is serendipity to know states have taken initiatives to support schools and higher educational institutions for trans children and adults.



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