Documents Required For Admission to Boarding School

Published on: 2023-12-30 11:40:19

Boarding School Admission Documents

Documents required for admission to boarding school

Starting the process of getting into boarding school is an exciting but rigorous undertaking that necessitates a careful gathering of necessary paperwork. These records are essential for evaluating academic ability as well as guaranteeing the student's wellbeing and suitability for the distinct residential school setting. Type Document
1 Personal Information Aadhar card, birth certificate, parents pan card
2 Educational background Report card of last school
3 Foreign entry Passport, legal document of that country, birth certificate
4 Academic background Transfer certificate
5 Guardian Aadhar card and photograph
6 Health records Medical reports, immunization histories
7 Admission requirement (11th class) Passing class marksheet (10th class)
8 Admission in class 12th Registration data from an affiliated board

Note: Additional documentation may be required for admission, but these are the general details needed.

An in-person interview may be conducted as the final step to assess the student's fit for boarding school.

In summary, these documents collectively provide a comprehensive view of the student's academic ability, personality, well-being, and financial situation, ensuring a rewarding experience at the boarding school.

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