Top Colleges In Gurgaon Based On Ranking 2022-2023

Published on: 2022-05-16 22:25:17

1. Management Development Institute - [MDI], Gurgaon


Management Development Institute (MDI) is a private business school in India. It was founded in 1973 by the Industrial Finance Corporation of India and is situated in Gurgaon an important commercial center close to the Indian capital, New Delhi. MDI operates its own campus that covers 37 acres (150,000 square meters) located in Gurgaon. The campus is situated 12 kilometers. away from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. MDI has a campus that is home to red brick structures and trees. The buildings have received names like Gurukul, Lakshaya, Scholars, Renaissance, Parthenon etc.

2. Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI), Gurgaon


As an institute that is specialized we recognize the necessity for a multidisciplinary approach to the ever-changing field of risk management. We collaborate with other centers of expertise in risk management around the globe. We've developed a curriculum that covers all aspects of risk management for enterprises operations, financial, and compliance. It gives nuanced information across the various sectors.


To become a global knowledge hub to create risk-aware professionals.


To be the world's leading risk management school attracting top talent from all over the world and impacting the world economy by shaping the corporate and public sector future leaders.

3. SGT University Gurgaon


Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary Institute, Gurugram is one of the top schools of higher education that is privately owned in Delhi NCR. It is a great institution with a noble goal to provide the opportunity to higher education for everyone in society. Over time, the University has earned a name in the academic community by giving a steady supply of industry-ready and highly educated professionals.

SGT University is located at Chandu-Budhera, which is on the outskirts of Gurugram, Haryana. The campus is just 5 km away from Daurala, which is the Delhi boundary of Daurala and has easy accessibility for Indira Gandhi International Airport in Palam, Delhi.

The history of SGT University is a modest one. It was established by the Haryana Private Universities (Amendment) Act No. 8, 2013. The University is a part of the Dashmesh Educational Charitable Trust, established in 1999.

Trust believes in spreading the sacred teachings of the respected Shree Guru Gobind Singh Ji One of the greatest social reformers and philosophers, who stated the "spread of learning is the best service to mankind".

In accordance with Shree Guru Gobind Singh's advice and his principles and principles, the Dashmesh Educational Charitable Trust first created its SGT Dental College in 2002. Gradually, and slowly, other faculties were addedto the college, that eventually became the present day university.

4.Apeejay Stya University - [ASU], Gurgaon


Apeejay Stya University (ASU) is a hub of global education that provides an array of opportunities for innovative teaching and learning, research and creativity across disciplines. The aim of the university is change in society through value-based education, nation-building, and man-making by mixing the dual identities of a research-oriented and technology-based university and the characteristics of a Liberal Arts institution. ASU is recognized through the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The foundation was established in the Apeejay Stya Education Foundation in the state of Haryana (under Act No. 10. of the Haryana Private Universities (Amendment) Act 2010, ASU provides students not only 'education for life and livelihood', but also education for the long-term and provides students with a solid foundation in the areas of leadership and professionalism to take on the challenges of the globalised, liberal economy.

5. Brij Mohan Institute Of Management And Technology - [BIMT], Gurgaon

BIMT Gurgaon is a top management institute that is located on a 17 acres of land in Gurgaon. It has been approved By AICTE, MHRD, New Delhi and is affiliated with Maharishi Dayanand University (MDU) Rohtak Haryana State University Established in 1975. (NAAC Graded 'A') university (IIM Rohtak on campus).

In 2009, the Institute was established under the auspices of Brij Educational Trust The Institute is a symbol of entrepreneurialism, critical thinking, and professionalism. It offers an elite business education. It has been working to produce new managers and leaders from the moment it was established.

The Institute is a firm believer in academic pursuits and encourages the development of new and creative thinking in relation to international and national issues by stimulating intellectual discussions and debates on all levels. BIMT is a center of learning in which knowledge is the fuel for the drive to be different and is the first to respond to the evolving requirements of the business.

6. JK Business School - [JKBS], Gurgaon


JK Business School (JKBS) was established in 2006 by an innovative leader and prominent industrialist Shri Gobind Hari Singhania. The school was established to provide top-quality education that focuses on academic excellence and the skill improvement of students who are aspiring to become managers.

JKBS provides holistic education for its students. It emphasis on educating and understanding that can help students be successful in a global setting that gives them the opportunity to become leaders in a cross-border world.

7. School Of Engineering And Technology, NCU - [SOET], Gurgaon

NorthCap University (NCU) is promoted through the Educate India Society that was formed in 1996.Previously an engineering and management college(ITM) The institute became a state-owned university in 2009 under Act No. 25/2009 passed by the Legislature of the State of Haryana and received UGC approval in accordance with the provisions of Section 2(f) of the UGC Act 1956.

NCU changed its name on August 31, 2015, as per Haryana Government Ordinance No. 2 of 2015. It was and was followed by an UGC notification on June 26, 2015. NCU is an all-campus university situated in Gurugram in Sector 23-A in Haryana. It is certified through NAAC. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) 2016-2021.

In the span of just only a few years we have become one of the top universities in North India. As a testimony of this fact, we have been ranked as 'The University of the Year 2017' by the Higher Education Review and are among the top 150 universities under the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) by the Ministry of Human Resource Development,Government of India.

8. Institute of Business and Research (IBMR)

IBMR was founded in 1999 with the intention to become the centre of excellence in educational management in India. Within a short period of the time that passed, IBMR has assumed a respectable position among the fastest-growing professional institutions in the nation, and at present was among the top B-Schools in DELHI NCR which is part of Delhi (NCR).

The institution was established with the goal of becoming the hub for high-quality academics in India, a renowned brand among the top management schools situated in Delhi NCR, IBMR is an exceptional blend of traditional academic principles and the latest academic trends. A community of learning with invigorating minds and a strong determination to achieve a common goal IBMR provides innovative and stimulating learning opportunities to those in the workplace as well as support and service.

9. Ram Gopal College Of Pharmacy - [RGCP], Gurgaon

Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy under the supervision of Ram Gopal Educational Society is one of the most prestigious Pharmacy Colleges in North India that provide high-quality education in pharmaceuticals. The college and society are named after a well-known legendary figure Lala Ram Gopal Ji from Samalkha, Haryana. The Lal Ram Gopal Ji's name has been respected and given great respect by the general public because of his selfless dedication to the people. Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy is designed in accordance with the ideas of the great statesman. Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy is one of the Top Pharmacy College in Haryana State. The Institute is run by Rajesh Gupta a entrepreneur and the founding trustee of R G Group of Educational Institutions. He is a visionary and has vast experience in the field of education.

10. KR Mangalam University, Gurgaon

K.R. Mangalam University is the fastest-growing higher education institution located in Gurugram, India. Since its beginning at the end of 2013, the school is working to achieve its main goal of transforming students' lives by introducing cutting-edge teaching methods, global collaborations and top-of-the-line infrastructure.

KRMU actively organizes seminars, industrial tours and expert lectures symposiums, internships, and many other activities that provide students with all-encompassing view of various developments, allowing them to develop broad perspectives. Alongside advanced education The university places a high importance to cocurricular activities like vibrant festivals, events, community responsibility projects and tech-related training research, and a myriad of other activities. It is praised for its qualities of excellence, equality, inclusion as well as sustainability and ethical behavior KRMU is synonymous with academic excellence and ingenuity.

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