Kasauli International Public School- Solan

Dhrampur, 173211

₹ 280500.00
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★ 4.6
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About School

The school was established in 2007, as co-educational, residential school in the memory of Late Sh. Narayan Dutt Thakur. The school aims to ensure that its students achieve their academic and personal potential. It also aims to give them confirm foundation, based upon an understanding of Indian culture, society and ideas. Kasauli International Public School is an English Medium, Co-Educational, fully Residential Senior Secondary C.B.S.E. School with girls and boys, coming from all parts of country and abroad India and abroad. The school provides education, laying emphasis on moral and ethical values. It has completed modern infrastructure using latest technology coupled with highly professional committed and dedicated faculty. The school provides wonderful co-curricular activities in beautiful environment.

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School's Leadership


Founder's Message

The problem with waiting for tomorrow is that it is named today when it actually arrives. Tomorrow is yesterday. The question is, what did we do with the chance we had? All too often, as we were wasting yesterday, and as we are wasting today, we are wasting tomorrow. Despite our efforts, anything that should have been done will easily elude us, before we eventually realize that the things that should have been slipped from our grasp a single, unused day at a time.

In order to remind ourselves that the clock is ticking, each of us must pause regularly. The same clock that started ticking from the moment we drew our first breath will also cease someday. 

Time is the great equalizer of the whole human race. Without consideration to each of them, it took away the best and the worst of us. Time creates opportunities but needs a sense of urgency.

There is no second opportunity to fix our mistakes when the game of life is completely over. Winners and losers do not care about the clock that ticks the moments of our lives away. It is not concerned about who succeeds or who fails. It does not care for excuses, equality, or justice. How we play the game is the only important problem. Regardless of a person's present age, there is a sense of urgency that this very moment can now propel them into motion. We should be continually mindful of the importance of moments that appear so trivial in each and every moment of our lives that their lack sometimes goes unnoticed.

All the time we need we still have. We still have a lot of opportunities a lot of possibilities-a lot of years to illustrate what we can do. There'll be a Tomorrow for most of us, next week, next month, and nest year. But unless we cultivate a sense of urgency, these small windows of time, like the weeks, months, and years before them, will sadly be lost.

There is not an infinite supply! So, when you think about your future dreams and aspirations, start taking those very critical first steps today to make them all come to life.

Hira Thakur 

Managing Director

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Principal Message

Welcome to Sanwara 's website, Kasauli International Public School! I hope your imagination will be captured by these pages and give you some insights into this remarkable school. KIPS has touched the lives of young people from every corner of the globe and from every walk of life who have come to this place to work and learn together for many years. The school is an autonomous, non-profit organization situated high up in the foothills of the Himalayan Shimla near the northern Indian town of Kasauli. Education at KIPS is inspired by ideas that have stood the test of time and trained students to succeed in the 21st century, drawing on the very best of contemporary educational practice. Academic excellence is complemented by a diverse residential environment and an excellent program of enrichment, including performance opportunities, athletics, music, community engagement and mountain expeditions. Kasauli International Public School is not an easy choice, because the challenges and demands are real and high. However, there are real opportunities for young people who are inspired by the prospect of change and driven to act through personal example and courageous leadership to make a difference. Our aim is to create a strong foundation for the sound development of all children's abilities so that they can excel in life. The emphasis will be on introducing students while learning to the latest in educational technology. In addition, by engaging with expert educators and resource individuals, we would like to encourage the involvement and participation of students in the teaching-learning process. It is our sincere effort to provide our students with meaningful learning opportunities through workshops, conferences, panel discussions, lectures and programs for enrichment. Here, there is an air of cheerful purposefulness, a willingness to excel, to enjoy life, to enjoy the company of each other, and, most importantly, to find that in each of us there is much more than we think!

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School at a glance

Annual Fee
Language of Instruction
AC Classes
Not Required
Veg & Non-Veg
Day Care
Teaching Methodology
Student Teacher Ratio
Outdoor Sports
Indoor Sports
Minimum Age
5 years
School Strength
Type of School
Boarding School
Grade Boarding
3rd to 12th
Establishment Year

Activities at School

Sports Indoor

Carrom Board
Table Tennis

Sports Outdoor


Fee Structure

Admission Fee : Rs. 5,500
Annual Fees : Rs. 280,500
Security : Rs. 10,000

Travel Information

By Train
Nearest Railway station - Dharampur : 3 km
By Air
Nearest Airport - Chandigarh Airport : 38 km

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Dhrampur, 173211

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