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BRJD Public School is that the culmination of a vision held by Shri P.D. Agarwal, founding father of TCI Bhoruka Group and Bhoruka public trust (BCT) to nurture the potential of the youngsters from his native place-Bhorugram. As a part of his add rural development, he hoped to form an investment within the education of youngsters and thus in 1976, the doors of learning at BRJD were opened. Perhaps Shri PDji was before his time as he understood that so as to strengthen India’s development; investment must be made in children’s education within the villages. Late Shri PDji provided the chance & platform for youngsters to receive a worth based high-quality education and to excel in their life with a way of world brotherhood.

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School's Leadership


Chairperson's Message

Education is a method of life-long learning. Learning happens all the time; not just in the school called a pre-designated location. It happens at home, and even between home and school. Therefore, the mission of the home and school is to provide children as learners with a learning atmosphere and opportunities.

Parental interest in the continuum of education of a child is both a gift to your child and a gift to the school. At BRJD, this collaboration is strongly welcomed and highly respected. The realistic learning experience helps our children to leave our school with something in their hands, something in their minds, and particularly something in their hearts, every day.

As one renders a temple, the teachers enter the classroom. It takes time for teacher-student relationships to grow and deepen and involve an atmosphere of love and trust. There must also be continuity, both inside the classroom and in the broader school setting, between teachers and students.

We aspire to have an atmosphere that is fundamentally holy and has a versatile but supportive system of discipline, freedom that enables students to learn even from their mistakes, to grow into people formed by the correlations of freedom and responsibility.

BRJD Public School practices a process-oriented teaching approach in which educators offer opportunities for children to explore a wide range of materials. The happiness and learning of the child during these explorations are given greater significance than the final product or performance.

BRJD 's distinctive and firm underlying ideology is to provide global education while being steeped in the heritage and core values of rich Indian education. Our emphasis is to build a society of progressive, thinking people who will contribute to the global community's intellectual growth. We value igniting in our students the spark of imagination and curiosity.

Our distinctive academic programs and creative teaching methodologies enable students, through study and reason, to improve critical thinking and learning, to develop key personal and social values, to take control of their decisions and to set goals to realize their own unique potential.

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Principal Message

BRJD's goal is to serve three core functions: the transformation of cultural values and tradition, an individual's development and self-realization, and serving as an instrument of social change. Although the first feature preserves and transmits from one generation to another, the acquired knowledge culture and value system. The second role ensures the growth of the plurality of individuals and values by instilling in the student the characteristics of learning to learn, learning to think, learning to understand and learning to communicate. The third role develops his concern for the accepted social objectives that make him aim to better himself and his community and exert a purpose.

In the current sense, education is a daunting process as present-day children are subjected to a number of dynamic circumstances. In nature, the impact of families, peers, community, culture, media and digital materials on them is varied and it is difficult to decide what really forms their personalities. These different stimuli are frequently diagonally opposite and clash with each other in such a way that the kids are totally confused.

BRJD will aim to equip children with such an attitude or value system to adapt to the world in which they reside in the context of doing the right thing that may not inherently be idealistic, realistic or personally profitable. The moral sense of doing the right thing means trying to change and make the planet a better place to live as human beings.

In today's day and age, Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are governed by Artificial Intelligence(AI) every day. It is said that AI and AR can replace routine workers and that activities can be automated in the factories as robots do. In the field of accounting, healthcare, marketing, law, hospitality, education and other fields, it will also replace many white-collar tasks.

With Future Challenges in mind, BRJD offers technologically equipped classrooms and our teacher prefers not only to educate students but also to make them aware of and cope with the 'diverse and adverse' world situation in order to face the future school's challenges. BRJD also aims to inspire the teacher to meet the demands of future education. We agree that as all classrooms are interactive and virtual in the future, the teacher is our only hope of becoming human.

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3rd to 12th
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Fee Structure

Day School

Annual Fees : Rs. 30000

Fee Structure

Boarding - Indian Students

Security : Rs. 1,500
Annual Fees : Rs. 234,500

Travel Information

By Train
Nearest Railway station - Churu Junction : 95 km
By Air
Nearest Airport - Jaipur International Airport : 305 km

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Bhorugram, Nangal Bari, Sadulpur, Rajasthan , 331023

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